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International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and it’s time to celebrate!!Here at FFFN, we have noticed that... click to read more.

A FAR FROM FKN NORMAL WARNING: Be Careful of Fraudulent Facebook Account Trying to Scam Our Followers

Be careful of fraudulent Facebook Page trying to scam our FFFN followers

Being “Normal” – The Myth, The Mindset, The Misconception

Hey FFFN-ers!  Our blog this week talks about being “NORMAL” – a term that is... click to read more.

The Search for “Perfection”

Hey FFFN family! I have written a blog this month about the search for “perfection”,... click to read more.

Coping With Change: How to Face Fear and the “New Normal”

If there is one thing that is a constant in life, it’s change.  Although expected... click to read more.


Hey FFFN family!  I have a question for you… how often do you practice self-care?... click to read more.

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of stigma is “negative feelings that people have... click to read more.

How to Support Loved Ones with Mental Health Challenges

Here at FFFN, we often receive messages and read comments on our socials about how... click to read more.

10 Tips for Managing Anxiety Out of Lockdown

So, now that Covid restrictions have eased and we are all out and about again,... click to read more.

My Journey with Bipolar Disorder: Amanda’s Story

Hey FFFN family! My name is Amanda and I have been brought into the FFFN... click to read more.